PPE & Safety Knives Supplier – UK

At Safer Life we are an experienced, professional and dedicated supplier of PPE and safety knives to a range of industries throughout the UK. We boast over 25 years of experience in which we have developed a reputation among our client for being a reliable supplier.

Our client base includes corrugated case manufacturers, flexible packaging producers and paper & paint distributors in which we are PPE suppliers as well as providing industry leading reducing waste and safer cutting programmes. We ensure that whilst supplying PPE and safety knives in the UK that we also provide an excellent level of service to every client through providing expert advice, an efficient service and supplying exceptional quality products at competitive prices.

Our PPE consists of Pyramex safety glasses, Martor safety knives, safety overshoes, safety signs and safety gloves; all of which are manufactured by companies who have a reputation for innovation and excellent safety records. We believe that selecting the correct PPE supplier is essential in every industry to ensure that your workplace is safe for yourself and your employees. In many industries there are rigorous regulations in place in terms of safety and with our PPE you can be assured that you are improving your site safety.

Due to predominantly working with clients in paper based industries we understand that as PPE suppliers we have an increased responsibility to provide high quality cutting equipment such as safety knives, glasses and gloves to ensure that employees throughout the UK are working in a safe environment.

Reducing Waste Program

Reducing Waste Programme

The aims and benefits of the program are:

  • Reduce paper waste
  • Reduce end product spoilage
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve quality

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Safer Cutting Program

Safer Cutting Programme

The aims and benefits of the program are:

  • Fewer accidents
  • More efficient cutting operation
  • Less product damage
  • Less effort for user

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